How Tiny Is!! Best vape MINI Vape pod of 2020!

The little Vape you never imagined! Professional Factory manufacture custom wholesale OEM refillable small mini vape podi in the world E-Cigarette cartridge e-vape pod system price Vape Pen and best vape pen 2020, The top 10 pod systems

Product Includes:
– One Mini Pod System
– One USB Charging Cable
– One Mint Pre-filled Pod

Brand: Pairyosi
Battery Capacity: 380mAh
Charging Time: 45 Min
Atomizer Capacity: 1.2ml
Recharging Cycle: Over 500 Times
Mouthfuls: about 200 puff
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 1.0 – 1.2Ω
Package: Gift case
Single Cigarette Size: 22 * 12 * 65 (mm)
Color Available: Black,White,ect.
Weight: 20g
Features:No second-hand smoke, environmental protection,100% no burning smell, no leakage




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Established in 2007, Pairyosi Industrial Co Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes in the world based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Employing more than 100 staff, we now possess a factories with areas of 2,000 square meters equipped with LEAN production line that meets dust-free requirement. We provide disposable E-cigarette, E-cigar, E-pipe and others, Besides, the E-liquid spice and key battery cells are sourced from the world’s top manufacturers in order to bring to the market an outstanding range of tobacco alternative products.

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